The following samples illustrate both the quality and range of Designshift projects. Each of the thumbnails is a link to the site or Flash movie, or to a screenshot illustrating the project. If you would like to see other samples, please contact us.

Dell KVM

Dell KVM demo

The KVM Flash promo — with music and narration — serves as an introduction to a Shockwave 3D demo of Dell's "KVM over IP"™ server connectivity. It was produced under subcontract with 2Cin3D, whose website is another Designshift project (see below). Similar Flash/Shockwave combination demos were developed for IBM and Unisys. See the demo.

BLM Timeline

BLM Timeline

This Flash timeline was created under a subcontract with ARI (American Research Institute) as part of an education project for the US Dept. of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management. It covers over 200 years in the history of public lands survey records. See the BLM Timeline.

BlueBolt for Design Education

Tiling repeats activity

BlueBolt Networks ("the online resource library for commercial interior finishes") and Prentice-Hall co-sponsored the development of this Flash CD which is sold as a stand-alone product and also bundled with some of Prentice-Hall's design textbooks. It includes an interactive design glossary and other educational activities. All data in the glossary section is loaded from XML files, which made it very easy for BlueBolt to review and update the content during development. See a screenshot from the CD Glossary.
See a sample activity from the CD.


Visit 2Cin3D

2Cin3D — a 3D development company in Cary, NC — commissioned Designshift to update and reinvigorate its website using valid XHTML. The striking design and imagery used in the site help illustrate both the expertise of 2Cin3D and their commitment to quality. 2Cin3D has also partnered with Designshift in the development of Flash/Shockwave demos for Dell, Unisys, and IBM (see Dell KVM demo above). Visit the 2Cin3D website.

Tectonic Studio

Visit Tectonic Studio

Designshift has collaborated with Tectonic Studio (formerly BlueBolt Networks) to produce completely new Login and Home pages, a Flash demo, and various ongoing changes and refinements throughout the site. The new Login page contains a quick-loading Flash movie that briefly shows the main services offered by Tectonic Studio. The client can regularly update the images used in the Flash movie without any editing of the movie itself. Visit the Tectonic Studio website.


GSK Heredity Activity

Under contract with Image Associates of Raleigh, a series of educational Flash modules was created for the Genetics@GlaxoSmithKline website and four Flash "games" were created for the Kids Genetics section. (Note: the original design and character animation were created by Greg Carter, Creative Director at IA.) This site was named Macromedia Site of the Day (July 17, 2002) and also received two Standard of Excellence awards at the 2002 WebAwards. Visit the Genetics@GSK website.

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