on point: archive

In on point we discuss concepts, standards, problems, etc. for website and Flash development. Links to past articles (beginning in January 2004) are listed below.

  • Streamlining with Stylesheets (Jan. 5) — Most sites now use CSS in a fairly limited way. In this article we look at the many advantages of using CSS for the actual layout of a Web page.
  • But What About Netscape 4? (Jan. 12) — about whether we should let the limitations of the Netscape 4 browser continue to hold us back.
  • Name that Web Page! (Jan. 22) — about the importance of choosing the right titles for all your pages and some of the factors you need to consider.
  • What's Wrong with this Page? (Jan. 26) — in which we show you a sample page and ask you to find the problem. Then we look at why it's a problem and how it affects more sites than you might think.

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