effective website and flash solutions

What we do…

  • Websites: Whether you want to develop a new site or redesign your existing site, we can help create a Web presence that is attractive, user-friendly, and easy to maintain and update. We are especially interested in developing sites that conform to Web Standards.
  • Flash: You may need an animated Flash demo or perhaps you're looking for interactive multimedia solutions developed with the Flash programming language, ActionScript. Demos and presentations. Games and activities. Product finders and configurators. Interactive resource and learning materials. Even a new and improved way to add video to your site. The possibilities are endless.

What we believe…

We believe in quality and standards. We believe in clear communication. We believe in effect. It’s great if the work looks good and it’s wonderful if it’s fun. But that’s not enough. Does the combination of medium and content accomplish what you intend?

Designshift focuses on effect — using creativity, professionalism, and constant attention to detail to translate your ideas into a powerful reality. From websites to Flash demos and applications, we help you achieve the results you want.

On this site we will show you some of what we’ve achieved already. If you value quality results and new ideas, we want to work with you.

Now in the On Point section:

You have new potential to add impact to your site with Video in Flash. Why is it different? Why is it better? Why are you waiting?

Previous On Point articles about websites and Flash are still available in our archive, including Streamlining with Stylesheets, But What about Netscape 4? and more.

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